duminică, 7 iunie 2009

The passion between us

  1. Your blood is mine
  2. My blood is yours
  3. This is the first of the
  4. Passions of our lifes
  1. When our blood will
  2. Be one?
  3. When we will be one?
  4. When we will be one
  5. We will be one whit
  6. Entire universe
  1. I am a demon
  2. And my soul is yours
  3. You ar a angel
  4. And you can change me
  5. When we will meet
  6. You will change me
  7. From a demon to a angel
  1. Your soul is mine
  2. My soul is yours
  3. Becarful to not break'it in pieces
  4. If my soul is break in pieces
  5. I will die slowly in your arms
  6. And then you and me
  7. Will cry 
  1. When a star 
  2. Will shine on the sky
  3. Darkness will be gone
  4. So you will shine
  1. In my life like a Star
  2. I love you
  3. I whant to be whit you
  4. Until the end of lifes

                Aceasta poezie este dedicata cuiva in care am multa incredere si pe care o iubesc enorm si ea pe mine.Nu pot sa dau prea multe detali despre persoana care e in aceasta poezie dar mie dor enorm de ea si as vrea sa o am mult dar foartye mult langa mine.

                Caldura corpului ei este chiar foarte placuta si la fel si sufletu ei si inima ei.Este persoana care imi da puterea si speranta de-a trai zi dupa zi sa supravietuiesc mereu si intotdeauna o voi iubi.Chiar si cand nu va mai fi tot o voi iubi enorm de mult si chiar imi place ceea ce face cu mine si cu sufletu meu.

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